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Student has never entered the library due to her revolving-door phobia

We’ve all enjoyed a giggle at the expense of someone tripping up in the revolving doors, but for some it is not a laughing matter. A third year student, who does not want to be named, spoke exclusively to the Print this week about her biggest fear: the revolving doors at the library.

The severity of this phobia must not be underestimated; the poor girl has never been able to study in the library, which has had such negative consequences on her academic success.

In her interview, she explained to The Print that her fears derive from a childhood experience in her hometown. One particularly busy Christmas Eve, the six year-old got her scarf caught in a revolving door (which she says was almost identical to those at our library). Her life flashed before her eyes. Apparently, the neck bruises lasted almost two weeks. She recalls how this ‘near-death’ experience even brought her closer to God. 

The student has exhausted several different types of therapy, all of which have failed to ease her concerns. The most effective method she found was sneaking through the Learning Café staff entrance, yet this only lasted a week as she was caught by a pesky librarian.

She even tried to start a petition through the Student Union to ban the ‘circulating-high-speed-death-trap’, but unfortunately they have reached their limit on banning things for this year.

She does have a special competition for Print readers: one lucky fellow student is going to be gifted her printing credit (as she has never been able to access it). Please see The Print Online for more details of how to win. 

If you see an anxious-looking girl, either hogging the only working computer in Arts One or bursting into tears outside the library, please do a good deed and give her a hug. This girl needs our support.


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