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Meet The Print’s Columnists

The Print houses diverse, edgy, and thought-provoking voices. Including our seven columnists who write monthly on all issues – from whether the US will have a female president in the near future to how do deal with your sloshed mate on a night out. Here’s our guide to them:

Alexia Kotsakis

Anna likes giving unsolicited opinions on current news and pop culture and finds the texture of quinoa unnerving.

Read Kotsak-is Talking –>

Katie Bevan

Talking about everything from switching Mile End Park for Central Park to being in America during Trump’s presidency, A Tale of Two Cities compares life in the big apple to living in London as Katie studies abroad for a year.

Read A Tale of Two Cities –>

Emily Kelly

Monthly reviews of the stuff we should (probably) all be reading.

Read What the Book –>

Gabrielle Agyei

Gabrielle’s eloquent column covers everything from literature and poetry to societal issues and philosophy.

Read Capturing Culture –>


Emma Louise Leong

Playing with ideas and experiences on the self, psychology, and personal growth. Sifting through reality one day at a time.

Read Don’t Mind Me –>

Image – Kerry Maxwell & Millie Pritchard

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