Meet The Print’s Columnists

Meet The Print’s Columnists

The Print houses diverse, edgy, and thought-provoking voices. Including our seven columnists who write monthly on all issues – from whether the US will have a female president in the near future to how do deal with your sloshed mate on a night out. Here’s our guide to them:

Alexia Kotsakis

Anna likes giving unsolicited opinions on current news and pop culture and finds the texture of quinoa unnerving.

Read Kotsak-is Talking –>

Katie Bevan

Talking about everything from switching Mile End Park for Central Park to being in America during Trump’s presidency, A Tale of Two Cities compares life in the big apple to living in London as Katie studies abroad for a year.

Read A Tale of Two Cities –>

Emily Kelly

Monthly reviews of the stuff we should (probably) all be reading.

Read What the Book –>

Gabrielle Agyei

Gabrielle’s eloquent column covers everything from literature and poetry to societal issues and philosophy.

Read Capturing Culture –>


Daniele Accurso

Each month, Daniele details what football clubs to visit in London. The column includes background information about the clubs, how to get to the ground from campus, how much the day will cost (e.g. tickets, food and match day programmes), and then detailing why they should visit the ground; outlining if a club is in a relegation battle or promotion push. If you’re interested in football, read and follow Daniele’s column and you’ll never be bored.

Read What to do on a Saturday –>

Emma Louise Leong

Playing with ideas and experiences on the self, psychology, and personal growth. Sifting through reality one day at a time.

Read Don’t Mind Me –>

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