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Support Structure: ‘Tis the season to feel incredible stress

When I was first given the opportunity to write this column by the Editor-in-Chief of The Print, Liam, I told myself I would strive to make sure I wasn’t just writing for my own self-indulgence. That this column would be a place not just for me to rant about my own problems, but somewhere I would bring up issues that are relevant for all students and hopefully provide some thoughts that are at least amusing if not particularly useful. I will allow those of you who have followed my writings so far – of which I am sure there are many – to judge how well I have done that in the past.

However, today, my dear readers, I fear I must apologise in advance for some of the gravest abuses of authority yet seen in 2017 (we still have a few weeks left so I’ll give the occupant of the white house another chance to one up me). Today, I may give up my noble quest to use this position to enlighten, and instead give in to the temptation to use this column to cry-rant my own problems.  

As I sit here in a third week of November, made colder only by the fact that it is apparently too early to start celebrating Christmas, I can only imagine the distant future of four weeks away when this column will be published, and I will be beyond my first deadline of the season.

At this moment, it’s easy come across questions such as: How on earth am I going to fit in writing these essays and continuing my dissertation work? Am I good at my subject if all my essays are just waffling to the arbitrary finish line of the word count? And, how am I going to distract myself from these problems to write an interesting column this month? 

I have however faced these questions before. Christmas break always means deadlines for everybody. Perhaps the best way to understand University is as an endurance test, every new term brings a new set of deadlines to scrape past sacrificing perfect essays for ones that can be done in time until you’ve made it all the way through.

If, like me, you’ve got through to this stage, you are probably going to make it out of here alive and perhaps even with a degree. At least we’ve made it through this column. Merry Christmas everyone.


Image: Thomas Lefebvre on Unsplash

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