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Student Council Meeting Update

Meat-free mondays, consent workshops and biodegradable straws: your latest student council meeting update 

The student council meeting on November 14th brought with it much news. It also brought promise of change, and demonstrated the successful collaboration of our newly elected sabbatical officers.

Eight amendments and motions were discussed, six of which were passed, one of which was taken to AMM, and another to the welfare zone. These results introduced the Union’s commitment to the elimination of single-use plastic straws from all venues before the start of next academic year. Also, Meat-Free Mondays will be extended to the whole month of January to re-launch the scheme.

Moreover, the Union are making it compulsory for two members of each student organisation committee to go to student organisation tailored consent workshops. Furthermore, the council has committed to commemorating Islamophobia Awareness Month every year.

Of much contention was the motion to limit voting power for the positions of LGBT+; BME; Women’s and Trans Representative to be elected only by self- identifying members of said liberation groups. One member said: “Without sounding aggressive, I don’t care what white men think about what I have to say. This motion is about giving power to groups that don’t hold the same privilege they do.”  

However, it was then proposed that this motion be discussed at AMM, which gave rise to concerns that this would be counterproductive to the very aims of the motion in itself. Despite this, 14 members voted to move the motion to be discussed at AMM, with 10 voting against the motion, and 2 abstaining.

A large part of the debate revolved around straddling the line between sustainability and profitability, as Barts- based members in particular expressed their concerns that the Griff Inn doesn’t do as well as Mile End cafes and shops.

Overall, the meeting was lively with debate, ripe with new initiatives, and buzzing with the anticipation of future discussions yet to take place.


Image: Blanca González Alba

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