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Society Diary: Quest Radio

In case you didn’t know already, Quest is the official student radio station of Queen Mary Students’ Union. All shows are presented and produced by Queen Mary students and can be streamed online on our website or on our Mixcloud as podcasts. Although we’re not even half way through the academic year yet, the Quest team have achieved a great deal. For example, we’re broadcasting live on air every week, which is arguably a great accomplishment after the collapse of the station last year!

I’m incredibly proud of the sense of community that we’ve created at Quest this year, which certainly makes running the station much easier. Everyone is motivated and enthusiastic about helping one another in anyway possible. This also sets us up well for our special 24-hour ‘Questathon’, a charity broadcast which we’re planning for 2018.  

‘A Night Called Quest’ has been an event which is hugely important to us. We wanted to create a night that would bring together students from both of our campuses (Mile End and Whitechapel) and would also bring live music back in a big way.

Surprisingly, there aren’t many band nights at Queen Mary and of course we wanted to change this, in light of our goal to support upcoming and local bands. The station had also hosted the event a few times in previous years, so we knew it would be popular with members. Of course it goes without saying that here at Quest, we love anything to do with music. 

In order to make the night accessible for everyone, we ruled out campus-specific venues, such as The Griff Inn and Drapers, and decided to research other potential locations around East London. We soon found Urban Bar, which had the relaxed, yet trendy vibe that we were looking for. The upstairs room was perfect for our event and was ready to hire and stage.

Next on the list was bands. Luckily, my brother, who studies Commercial Music at Bath Spa University and is in a band himself, was able to put me in contact with some great indie-style acts. We managed to book two great sets from Feuerhaus and Social Contract – don’t forget to go and check them out on social media! 

When the night itself rolled around, myself and Nick (our Events Manager) couldn’t quite believe it. We spent a lot of time practising how to put wristbands on each other to prepare for the doors opening and obviously panicked about everything that might go wrong.

Amazingly, everything went to plan and once we arrived at the venue, we knew that it was going to be a great night. The sound check got us both excited for what was to come and by the time the bands were ready for the stage, a great crowd had gathered. The drinks started to flow and soon the dance moves followed, assisted by some funky beats from the DJ. ‘A Night Called Quest’ was a greater success than either of us could have hoped for and we will definitely be hosting another one next year. Watch this space!


Image: neil godding on Unsplash

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