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QMSU: Proud to Be a Living Wage Employer

The London Living Wage is now paid to ALL staff working for the QMSU, proving the campaigning by students and representatives to have been a success.

What is the London Living Wage?
It examines the actual costs of living in London. It also means that students are considered to have the same living costs as someone older in full-time work. This is not represented in the minimum wage and is voluntary for employers.

Hence, this is a huge success for the Queen Mary Students’ Union; the hard work of those employed in the Union, Drapers, The Village Shops, Infusion, Ground and the Learning Café is being rewarded with good wages. 

Why has this only just been introduced to the QMSU?
It hasn’t. Some student employees have already been introduced to this. The main focus in recent years has been ensuring that student staff are also receiving a living wage. Introducing the London Living Wage for everyone has therefore been a work in progress.

At the Annual Member’s Meeting in 2015, the motion was passed to set a target for all student staff to be receiving the London Living Wage by 2018. Clearly, this goal has been exceeded, thereby showing everyone’s hard work and effort to achieve this. 

We can now proudly call the QMSU a fully-accredited Living Wage Employer. If you wish to find out more, please visit the Living Wage Foundation’s website.


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