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Photo-essay: Nothing is more fun than the library on a Friday night

We often think of London as a harmonious city with people from all around the world, wrapped in under this one blanket of pollution. We have so much in common with each other, the city might as well be called a village. But it has come to my notice lately, that all this harmony and uniformity is currently under threat. While the good people of London use Friday nights to let go of all human rambunctiousness pent-up throughout the week, a group of outlaws stage a sit in in the Queen Mary Mile End campus library, refusing to let go of the stress and strife.

Last Friday, I was compelled to join in the sit-in, not because I had a deadly deadline only hours ahead, but because I was truly intrigued. I was dying to know what these outlaws got up to in the library on Friday nights. And because I know this is a common wonder that crosses the mind of all law-abiding Londoners, I decided to do us all a favour and uncover this unrelenting mystery.














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