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Kerry’s Corner: Stop attacking me for liking Christmas

I firmly believe that Christmas isn’t just one day; it’s not simply ‘seasonal’ or a ‘holiday.’ Rather, Christmas is a lifestyle choice. And believe you me, it is never too early to celebrate! 

Bright, summer evenings are dead and gone, Halloween is a ghost (unapologetically punny!) and Bonfire Night… well, it’s hardly relevant, really. 

It might only be November, but the Christmas season has hit us – and boy has it hit us hard. You find yourself negotiating your way through precariously balanced towers of selection boxes in supermarkets and walking by stacks of wrapping paper.  You then convince yourself that buying an entire cheeseboard for your tea tonight is probably not the smartest idea when you have normal, non-seasonal food at home. 

I’m not ashamed to admit that I bash Christmas harder than the other reindeer bash Rudolph at the end of the song. The Christmas markets are up, the adverts are on and everything is beginning to look pretty and magical. However, I kind of feel like the only festive gal around. Every time I begin to hum a Christmas tune and try to share snapchats of Winter Wonderland, I automatically get shut down. “It’s too early!”, says Scrooge. “It’s not even December”, says the Grinch.

But rather than shun the holiday season, claiming that an elf dies every time you switch on Home Alone, why not embrace an extra month of Christmas cheer? It can lighten up a dreary life to no end as well as brighten up your student housing. Decorations are the answer to everything: crack in the wall? Cover it with tinsel! Bulbs gone? Fairy lights are the answer! And we all know that shoving a Christmas tree in the corner will hide that damp spot no problem. There you have it: Christmas brings love, joy and masks your dump of a house.

And how can we talk about the festive season without mentioning food? The sooner you embrace Christmas, the sooner you can start skipping the gym and stuffing your face with pies, chocolate and anything ‘naughty but nice’. Christmas equates to indulgence; perhaps instead of being a Grinch, you should stuff your mouth with segments of chocolate orange and hush. You additionally have the perfect justification for day drinking: Baileys at 3pm? It’s Christmas. 

Hang on…why am I justifying my passion for Christmas? Do you know what? To all those claiming I’m too ‘extra’ for celebrating Christmas a month too early…Fa La La La f*** you. Go off and live in your non-seasonal caves of wintry doom and gloom. If I want to wrap myself in sparkly Christmas lights while listening to Mariah Carey and drowning in a bath of mincemeat and mulled wine in November, I’m going to. 

So please hold your arguments about how Christmas has been killed by consumerism or how you “don’t really do Christmas”. Stop attacking those of us trying to be festive. Take a break from fighting capitalism, embrace the excess glitter and get in the fucking spirit *adjusts pink-Christmas-cracker-crown on head*.


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