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Francophone Society: More than ‘le fromage et du vin’

Bonjour mes amis! 

As of this year, the Francophone Society has officially found its place within the Queen Mary community. In a few words we would like to introduce ourselves and invite you all to join us in our memorable events and gatherings. 

Initially, we created this society to form a community not only for French speakers, but also for anyone who wanted to explore and discover a new culture. We bring together students from all years and programmes. Our aim is to promote an environment in which everyone feels comfortable. 

On the social side, we organise a variety of events. Since the beginning of the year, we have arranged events to watch football games (only when France is playing of course), a Halloween night filled with games to win tickets to a concert, and to go clubbing together.

We are also one of the organisers of the event the ‘European Night’, in collaboration with the European societies of King’s College, UCL, LSE and Imperial. A recurring event, the ‘European Night’ takes place in a London nightclub, where all students are welcome. The music and the good vibe ensures it is always a success for everyone.

Most importantly, we organise the traditional Wine & Cheese nights, very typical of the Francophone Society.

On the academic side of things, we have a page on LinkedIn to create an alumni platform to establish a link between old and new members of the society. In the long term, this will allow us to help each other, both by giving advice on career choices and by offering contacts within a certain industry.

If you’re interested in joining us, contact us on our Facebook group

You can also check our our LinkedIn and Instagram pages!

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