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Business and Enterprise Society hosts first of series of talks on FinTech

Queen Mary Business and Enterprise Society (QMBES) is a newly formed, student-run organisation that works to help develop students’ career opportunities and business acumen. They host networking events, practical workshops, non-curricular lectures and an abundance of social events throughout the year, many of which are free to attend. This year, QMBES are focusing their efforts on start-ups, financial technology (FinTech) and computer coding, a niche market that is not widely addressed by other societies.

On 14 November, they hosted the first event in their ‘FinTech Visionaries’ series of the year, featuring guest host, Jeff Tijssen. The event was greatly successful, having over 130 attendees, all eager to learn from Tijssen, who is the head of FinTech and partnerships at major company, Capco. Being a new society this year, QMBES did a commendable job organising such an incredible event, and giving so many Queen Mary student the opportunity to hear first hand advice from an expert. Tijssen’s discussion of FinTech provided an overview of what financial technology is, potentials for collaborations with traditional banks and start-up FinTech, as well as challenges FinTechs face in the industry.

The event provided a great opportunity for students to widen their knowledge and develop expertise on the topic, made all the better with free drinks and nibbles – a crucial part of any society event.

The society’s president and co-founder, Edward Melikyan, spoke afterwards about the event, “It was fantastic! Our guest speaker very charismatically gave a presentation on the future of the FinTech, and students had an opportunity to network with Jeff at the end. We are very big believers of “network effects”, students must be exposed to such opportunities and regular ‘FinTech Visionaries’ talks will aim to do so over the course of the year. And it’s free!”

If this sounds like something you would be interested in learning more about, QMBES will be hosting many more free events throughout the year for you to learn more about the sector and provide you with networking opportunities that money can’t buy!

If you want to keep up with QMBES’ latest events, then you can like them on Facebook here, or give them a follow on Twitter here!


Images – Queen Mary Business and Enterprise Society

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