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The Story Behind Trump Street and Russia Row

Deep in the heart of the city, equidistant from St Paul’s Cathedral and the Bank of England, lies two adjoining streets with suspiciously topical names: Russia Row and Trump Street.

Coincidence, huh?

Actually, yes. These two roads which lead directly onto one another are not a modern renovation forged by a group of metropolitan liberal elite urban developers as a snide way to have a dig at POTUS. No, the name of these streets actually dates back to the 18th century.

Cheapside, the area in the city where the streets in question can be found, used to be a medieval market so many of the road names in that area reflect what Londoners could purchase at the time. Milk Street, Bread Street, Oat Lane, Wood Street and Poultry can all be found within a 5 minute walk of one another (what Londoners could once purchase on Love Lane EC2V is yet to be seen).

Historians unanimously appear to agree that Trump Street used to be home to trumpet makers and that is how it acquired that name. And for Russia Row? Unfortunately, nobody seems to know where that name came from.

Today, Russia Row is one-way and leads straight onto Trump Street. It is yet to be seen whether one day Trump Street will be regenerated to also lead onto Impeachment Avenue or Resignation Road.


Image: Geograph


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