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2017 Freshers finally give in and make Drapers their main venue

Freshers who chose London as their city because of its vibrant and varied cultural venues and exuberant nightlife, have today given into the inevitable. Faced with long taxi rides, shitty bouncers, sky-high prices and the cramped conditions of London’s most popular and overrated clubs, this year’s Freshers have decided to stay loyal to Drapers.

“It’s basically a bar with a disco light,” said Stan, a first-year Engineering student; “but the drinks are cheap and it’s nearer Dixie’s Chicken”. Stan’s sentiments were shared by his friends, with many lamenting the chunk that Freshers’ week had taken out of their bank accounts and citing convenience as the cause of the change.

Some continue, somewhat optimistically, to head out weekly into Shoreditch, Camden, or (bless their souls) Central London for their clubbing fix. We at The Print support all personal decisions of our readers. However, we recommend that they follow in the footsteps of Stan. For their wallets’ sake, if anything.


Image: QMSU

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