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100 Word Rants: Issue 20

Has the world pissed you off recently?  Fancy a bit of a moan?  Then breathe your anonymous fire in our 100 Word Rant spread!  

Group Projects
Who benefits from group projects?  Really?  Why bother with a teaching tactic which is ultimately doomed to fail?  You always have at least two douches in the group who sit idly and refuse to contribute to anything.  Of course, this leaves the rest of the group (between one and three people) to stress over work that is meant for multiple people.  It’s a teaching method which is never going to work because those who don’t contribute clearly don’t want to learn and those who end up doing the work don’t learn as the project becomes merely a stressful deadline.

Smile at Strangers More
I want to know why friendliness is so lukewarm, especially here in London.  The world moves a million miles per hour and everyone is so self-focused.  No one smiles at people they don’t know and sometimes not even people they do know.  When I am out and about, walking down the street, I always stress out thinking: Do I smile?  Will they?  Should I just pretend to be self-absorbed?  Being friendly should not be this much of an issue.  Would it really kill people to smile just a little more?

Instagram Health Nuts
I have such a huge problem with self-proclaimed Instagram Foodies who are #glutenfree, #dairyfree, #sugarfree, #rawtillfour, etc. You know the sort. It is so annoying to see these pictures pop up when all I want to do is enjoy my Chinese (which is certainly not raw/gluten/dairy/sugar-free or the like!) in peace. What is even more frustrating is how contradictory this rant is because I can’t help but find these photos irresistibly inspiring. They make me want to take up yoga and drink a green smoothie.  But no green smoothie will ever taste as good as Chow Mein, will it?

Being a Basic Bitch
When did being ‘basic’ become such an offence?  I’m proudly going to wave the Starbucks flag high in the air and admit to being the most basically basic bitch about.  I ‘totes’ adore my Adidas Gazelles, Ryan Gosling is my dream man and I own more Topshop Joni Jeans than a gal cares to count.  But I love it!  With Autumn upon us, all I want to do is break out my green parka and stroll down the streets of London unashamedly sipping on my PSL.  Don’t criticise me for being basic; I ‘legit’ like what I like!

Mugs and Laptops Don’t Mix
Winter is coming and we all know what that means: warm fires, snowy walks and movie nights.  It’s also time to spend every free waking moment photographing our laptops atop a plush white blanket alongside a cute mug filled to the brim with a steaming hot beverage.  It looks cute on Instagram, for sure, but is this combination of expensive, electrical equipment and burning liquid really that good an idea?  Netflix and chill – more like Netflix and spill! The idea of seasonal relaxation is just ruined because of this guaranteed accident waiting to happen.


Image: Blanca Gonzalez Alba

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