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State of the Union – October 2017

A brief update from Queen Mary Students’ Union

Source: Student Council Meeting, 10 October 2017

World Mental Health Day was on the 10th October and the Union gave out ‘Be Kind To Your Mind’ guides plus free herbs on library square. The Study Well campaign will launch in week six of term to help support students who may be getting stressed with exams.

Rakin Choudhury, VP Barts and The London, recently visited Queen Mary’s new campus in Malta. There will soon be Student Union elections on this campus and their first Union Representative was due to be elected in the week commencing the 16th October.

The Students’ Union will be hiring a new sustainability officer. They will play a pivotal role in organising a possible farmers’ market on the Mile End campus.  The Union has also reaffirmed its zero tolerance stance on sexual harassment. Queen Mary is currently working on a new dignity policy which outlines the course of action for all forms of sexual and racial abuse.

For the first time, the Union formally celebrated Black History Month, organising a variety of events and speakers to raise awareness and increase inclusivity. Only 6.1% of black students voted in the last SU elections and Mary Ojo, VP Education, has stated this is an issue which will be addressed. The Mile End library is now open 24/7. The Students’ Union is currently collecting data about the Whitechapel library and will look into the possibility of extending opening hours both there and at West Smithfield Library.


Image: Blanca González Alba


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