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QMUL Fresher Buys Semester’s Worth of Curve Food

QMUL Fresher John Smith, from Yorkshire, realises he made a grave mistake upon consuming just one meal from the catering joint located on the QM campus. The meal itself, we are led to believe, was that of Sunday Roast (as per Curve Tradition, it was served on a Wednesday).

Asked to describe the dish – and we hesitantly call it this, as we are unsure for the correct term for food served on wooden squares – John described it as “bland, overcooked, and sad”. He was thrilled to learn that Thursday’s meal would be the leftover roast from the previous night.

The Curve is a restaurant located underneath Fielden House in the Student Village here at QM. If one enters the canteen-like area, you will look around and see two things: 1) not many people, 2) those people that are there looking very depressed.

Our hearts go out to those exchange or international students who bought the catered package because it seemed like the easier option. Truly, your pain is felt only on the same level as those who find themselves at the checkout of The Curve, and discover that whatever you have just put on your avant-garde plate is costing £5.


Image: Alex Munsell on Unsplash

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