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QMUL to celebrate Black History Month with Seasoning lessons in Curve

For Black History Month, student cafeteria The Curve has chosen to put on events to celebrate the strong and diverse history of black peoples in the UK. Renowned for meals which are full of flavour and value for money, The Curve has announced today that it will be running short seasoning lessons for students in need of help.

The beginner course will feature ‘How to use salt’, ‘There’s more to life than pepper: how to expand your spice cupboard’ and the already popular ‘Water is not a flavour’. The lessons are aimed at those unhappy to eat their usual bland, English foods and looking to reproduce the canteen’s flavoursome and exotic dishes.

We asked students who are fortunate to eat at Curve what they thought. Josh Smith, 19, from Shropshire was delighted as he had not been aware of spices other than salt and pepper until he had started at QMUL. The organisers are confident the sessions will be a success.

However, there has been some backlash that such lessons are destroying the prided bland culinary heritage of the British state, which include such hits as stew, mashed potatoes and unseasoned, dry roast beef. One student, Adam White, said: “marinating goes against my very sensibilities. How dare food taste like something other than its original flavour.”


Image: Pixabay

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