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Note from the Editor: Issue 19

Howdy! Welcome to issue 19 of The Print. If you’re new to The Print (and new to Queen Mary), I should explain that The Print is the student-ran newspaper of Queen Mary Students’ Union. We publish around six print editions each year with a circulation of 1000.

We’ve been working tirelessly over the summer to improve our website and streamline our whole online presence. You can now subscribe to The Print on Apple News for latest news and analysis, and content from our website is fed straight to your iPhone. We now also support Facebook Instant Articles and Twitter Cards so our content can be better digested. There have also been smaller updates to the website. For example, the ‘popular posts’ widget now shows articles with the most views from the last 30 days rather than the articles that boast the most comments of all time. There is now a drop-down box on the ‘Comment’ button in the menu where all the columnists are listed so readers can easily find their pieces. Finally, if you add The Print’s website to your iPhone/iPad home screen, we now have a webapp so it boots like any app from the App Store would, rather than in Safari.

Anyway, that’s enough geeky updates.


Highlights in this issue include the columns from our seven new columnists (pages 10-11). They cover a variety of subjects; from university life and advice, to US politics and which football matches you should be watching (see back page). They’re a very well-informed, funny, and eclectic mix so definitely worth a read.

On page 4, Will Mantineau explores whether the deglamorising of cigarettes is killing off the cool kids, or if the dirty green packaging, plastered with grotesque imagery, and health warnings now provide a sometimes-fashionable rebel look.

On page 6, Lucy Sofroniou delves into whether the way we’ve become used to working is actually completely wrong. Do longer hours make us more unproductive and would 3 hour shifts be better for society?

On page 9, Will Dyer, a Queen Mary alumni who graduated only a few months ago, recalls his unique experience during the snap-election earlier this year when he was the Lib-Dem parliamentary candidate for Bethnal Green and Bow.

But the whole paper is crammed with great content. So thank you to the 30 strong team who helped put it together.

Finally, let me take this time to plug writing for The Print. In my time at Queen Mary, I’ve had dozens of conversations which have began with me asking “So, what do you hope to do when you graduate?” to which they reply “I hope to become a writer or journalist”. I’ll then ask what they are currently doing to gain experience. This is where many tend to stammer. So, if you’re interested in going into the media industry one day, I encourage you to contribute. Sign up to our Facebook group, message our editors, pitch your ideas, attend our training sessions, and help make The Print better. Or don’t. I’m not your mother – but still, you know I’m right.

Happy reading!

(As always, my emails are open so I’d love to hear your ideas/suggestions for future issues)

Image: Blanca González Alba

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