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‘Coppafeel’ for your health with the Uni Boob Team

The Print gets the low-down on QM’s newest society for breast cancer awareness: the UBTQM

A very warm welcome to all students at Queen Mary. The transition from a long, relaxing summer to the start of term is always a hectic period; settling into new timetables and your studies, to also managing to catch up with friends and attending all the exciting fresher events can get a bit all over the place!

After attending the successful fresher’s fair, you all must be busy attending the meet and greets of all the societies you are interested in and are planning to join. However, there is one society in particular, which is working towards raising awareness across university – and they need your help in doing so! 

Introducing… the Uni Boob Team society at Queen Mary, (UBTQM). This society is all about raising awareness for breast cancer amongst young people. This month, in particular, is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and this is the perfect opportunity to get involved and be a part in helping to raise awareness for a great cause!

This society aims to raise money for a breast cancer awareness charity – CoppaFeel. The head of the UBT society is Hannah Gaffey, and one of the chairs for this society, Kitty Gardiner spoke to The Print about the society and what it aims to achieve:

‘So, CoppaFeel are a breast cancer awareness charity especially focused on young people (this year we’re all for including all our guys, gals, and nonbinary pals!). The Uni Boob Team (UBT) is CoppaFeel in society form. We have fundraising and awareness goals set for every month, all with the aim of benefitting the charity and spreading their message of BOOB LOVE!

‘We want to stamp out late detection of breast cancer and get everyone a bit more familiar with their own bodies – which is why we don’t prescribe checking yourself in any particular way; it’s all about knowing what works best for you’.

Kitty is joint charity chair for Netball, however, many students are joining this society from all over Queen Mary university, making their message spread across many people. As Kitty mentions, ‘we want to keep getting bigger’!

This month, UBT will be having an exciting raffle draw going (starting Thursday 19 October), which will involve other little local independent places such as Sweet. The society plans to spread their message out across accommodation on campus and to round off their busy month of fundraising, they plan to organise a party which is promised to be fun and glittery!

So guys and girls, this is a fantastic opportunity for you all to get involved in a society which needs our help in spreading the important message about breast cancer, and making sure everyone at Queen Mary has the best possible chance of surviving cancer.

Follow their Facebook page and Instagram to find out more information about this society, their upcoming events and how to get involved!


Image: Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash


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