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Support Structure: Thoughts on Fresher’s Week

Buckle up dear readers, for in this year’s first published edition of The Print (at least on real environment destroying paper rather than virtual white space), I have decided to give out as much of my wisdom and thoughts on fresher’s week as possible in my short column space.

I am sure that as freshers who have already got through the first and most difficult half of this week, that what you really want is advice from a third-year columnist in the back of the free edition of The Print you picked up at fresher’s fair, which you will likely never read again.

So, without further ado, I present the recollections, advice, and thoughts on fresher’s week –  which I am sure you will treasure for the remainder of your first year and the rest of your life – from someone who wasted their first two fresher’s weeks, and is drunk crying about his dissertation through the third.

Fresher’s week is one of the strangest weeks of your life. Imagine if, in your first week of school, all you had to do was go out and get to know all your classmates, without any responsibilities and little to do before 8PM each day. That is, nevertheless, a really good way to spend your fresher’s week.

Try to go out with people other than your flatmates, you will get to spend a whole year with them and, surprisingly, you will probably get to know them better talking to each other sober across the kitchen in the middle of a weekday than after an hour and several drinks at Drapers.

That leads me onto my main piece of advice which is to think of this as fresher’s year. You’ll have plenty of chances to try out new things, meet new people and adjust to university across the whole first year. It’s easy to spend the huge amount of free time you have in fresher’s week, worrying that you’re not enjoying it enough, that you don’t fit in or that you haven’t made the right friends.

As I wrote before, fresher’s week is one of the strangest weeks of your life and the rest of your time at university won’t be anything like it. So, rather than worrying about questions you will have a whole year to answer, try using that free time to relax, meet new people, and sleep off fresher’s flu instead.


This is an entry for the new column “Support Structure”. If you liked this, keep checking back here for more.


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