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The rise of women’s rugby

Over the past 5 years, the sport of women’s rugby has skyrocketed in profile. Women’s rugby  is a sport among other sports that is aiding women in breaking away from stereotypes and the expectations set by others. The rising profile of rugby through increased media attention and recognition has encouraged more women to engage not only in rugby, but also in sports that challenge social norms and allow women to show their true power.

As a women’s team, we face much adversity and prejudice. People often automatically assume we play touch rugby. Rugby inspires connotations of violence, pain and masculinity. Apparently, we’re not powerful enough, or strong enough to play such a sport.

These common assumptions and this prejudice never stopped us, nor have they held us back. Our rugby club started from a couple members, not even enough to field a fifteens team. We had very little training, and our main priority was to get enough people on the pitch.

7 years later, we came 2nd in our division, with 41 points, only 3 away from the top team and 22 points above the team in 3rd place. We now teach our players to have good technique and be respectful of not only our own team members but members of the opposing team.

We’ve all individually conquered our own targets and continue to push ourselves to the limits of our abilities. Surpassing people’s expectations is a truly empowering thing making us even more passionate about playing rugby.

Rugby is a beautiful sport. Like many sports, it requires good players. However, unlike other sports, it requires true trust and affinity between team mates, as well as working well together and pushing each other, which is what makes us a great team.


Queen Mary and Barts and the London Women’s Rugby Club is a great rugby team and we’re always looking for fresh talent; whether you are an experienced player or have never played before, we’re very accommodating.

Rugby is a fantastic sport and we are a fantastic team, not only on the sporting side but also on the social side too. Not only will you be part of a great team but you will gain an amazing group of friends that will add to your university experience.


Image: pixattitude on Dreamstime

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