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An Introduction to Societies

The Print takes an inside look at students’ opinions on societies at Queen Mary.

Societies play an important part in university experience as they offer you the chance to explore and enjoy your hobbies with people who share similar interests with you. Most importantly, it’s great way to meet new people and socialise. Whichever society you choose to join, you can be guaranteed that you will be a part of some exciting activities and events!

To give you an insight into what kind of events some societies hold, and what you might like to be a part of, we asked some students about their experiences of societies and what they particularly enjoyed:

‘I had attended an event called Nawrooz in which different societies got together and held a big New Year celebration. The societies that got together were Afghan, Arab, Azerbaijani, Iranian, Iraqi, Kurdish, Moroccan and Turkish. It was such a lively and busy event, as I got to meet lots of new people. It was such a good atmosphere coming together and celebrating new year. There was music from different cultures, dance and lots of food which made the night great!’

‘Baking society is the society to join! There were lots of different activities and events held this year. I had particularly enjoyed the cupcake decorating class. We were taught different types of icing techniques and whether you were icing cupcakes for the first time or just simply having a bit of fun, it nice to meet people and chill out. The society overall it great, as we got to do something new every time and of course, eat all the treats we make!’

‘Cheerleading society was such a great experience this year. You don’t have try-outs as they accept everyone so I felt very welcomed and the overall vibe was good. I got the chance to perform at an event with my team which was so fun. I would recommend joining different sporting societies like this.’

These are just a few students who have given a brief statement on their opinion of the societies. However, Queen Mary has a wide range of different cultural, social and educational societies you can join.

There is something for everyone, and the most important thing to remember is to not be afraid to try out and join different societies. You will always be welcomed, and you never know what you might end up liking – you could make a great contribution to any society!



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