America Unravelled: The Trump Psyche

America Unravelled: The Trump Psyche

One worrying aspect of Trump’s psyche has been well and truly revealed over the past few weeks. One that can explain many of his more bizarre and controversial decisions… it is his obsession with attention. While this is no revelation, it’s remarkable to see how his insatiable desire for the spotlight influences the timing and nature of his decisions.

In what seems like an eternity ago, North Korea threatened to attack Guam, a United States territory and important military base. More remarkable, however, was the President’s response both to journalists and in a phone call to Guam’s governor.

To journalists, he famously stated that North Korea would be ‘met with fire and fury’ if they attempted the attack. This, of course, ensured the President received even more attention than usual, as he had essentially proposed nuclear war.

His obsession with the spotlight was laid bare again when he stated to the governor of Guam that, ‘you have become extremely famous’ – like that was more important than the imminent threat of nuclear annihilation.

This is not the only recent example of Trump thinking this way. In the aftermath of the devastating hurricane in Texas and Louisiana, Trump made a speech in Corpus Christi, where his first remarks were regarding the turnout. He then complimented the FEMA director on becoming ‘very famous on television’, again supporting the allegations that he watches too much cable TV.

Finally, in a visit to one of the many centres helping the victims of the hurricane, Trump pulled a supporter wearing his merchandise in front of the cameras stating, ‘look at this guy, you just became famous’.

Lastly, you have the Trump scandal that never was. The timing of Trump’s pardon of Joe Arpaio, the ex-Arizona sheriff who told officials to illegally target latinos, took place during Hurricane Harvey as Trump believed ‘the ratings would be higher’. This is the President of the United States openly admitting that he sought to exploit the fear and suffering of his own people for attention. The fact that this has barely produced any outrage at all is staggering.

In conclusion, it is clear that the United States elected a man who represents himself and his brand, not his country. His response to the North Korean threats and Hurricane Harvey, as well as his post-election campaign rallies, and his constant trips to his properties in New Jersey and Florida, make this undeniable. What is also undeniable, is that a man with this mindset is a danger to the United States.


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