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White Saviours in Africa!

Shocking numbers of middle class British school children are putting African builders out of work as they flock to Africa in their hundreds to help build schools. Remember the simpler times when you could just get a paper round to improve your CV? Now, parents are having to fork out up to £3000 when their child’s bake sale merely profits a tenth of the cost.

I’m sure the people of Africa are overwhelmingly grateful for these selfless teenagers who are solving their poverty and putting the world to right in a simple two week trip. If only Africa had realised the solution to all their problems was white school kids sooner.

I decided to get into contact with one of these generous saviours myself; *insert name* from *insert grammar school* in *insert posh southern town*, who told me “I am so so grateful of the experience I’ve just had in Malawi, now I may have the chance of getting into a Russell Group University. The trip was so rewarding, not only did I find myself but my Instagram pictures with the orphan children hit over 100 likes!”.

These Brits deserve maximum credit for their compassion and bravery. Journeying to such dangerous places, putting their white privilege to use across the globe. Thank you, white middle class kids, for saving the world one step at a time.


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  1. Noel Noel 11th October 2017

    Someone’s salty they didn’t get on the Ghana trip.

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