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Millie’s Musings: So, You Hate Your Summer Job…

The summer holidays are in full swing, and that means allowing time to relax and get some respite from the stress of university, right? Wrong. For a lot of us, it means getting a job over the summer months in order to pay for nights out with your friends from back home, and to help take some of the financial weight off of your back when you return to university in September. These jobs tend to be in the retail or catering sector – which can be both mundane and stressful. But, what if you really really (and I mean really) can’t stand to turn up each day?…

  1. Acknowledge the short amount of time that you will be in this job. –

You won’t have to deal with rude customers forever. A couple of months, tops. It is a short-term solution in order for you to stand on your own two feet financially for a while. (Before the reality of £9k a year hits you once again in September, but we’ll ignore that…) Whatever makes you hate the job, whether it is the people you work with or what the job entails, you only have to put up with it for a short space of time. It becomes easier for you to remind yourself of this fact once you get your first paycheck, believe me, it may even make you think your job isn’t half bad at all.

  1. Spend your time off wisely. –

Doing things you really enjoy, whether it be a hobby or meeting up with your friends, can take your mind off the stress you’re getting from your job. I’ve found that planning in advance what to do with your days off or even after work helps me get through my shifts during the week, as I have something to look forward to, and not to mention money to do it with. I realise this can be quite hard with people who work in bars and restaurants (like myself) who tend to have very late shifts, and thus, can’t really do many things after work. But the thought of the comfort of my bed and being able to sleep gets me through, so that might help.

  1. Talk to your manager about what’s bothering you. –

I know, I know, this sounds extremely daunting. But, the company hired you for a reason and obviously they would like to keep you in your role. If you bring up perhaps what makes you really dislike the job, the manager may be able to support you and find ways around things. Your well-being should be extremely important to any company, as you are, in effect, part of their brand when you work for them. If they are a good manager, they will be someone easy to talk to about any queries you may have.

  1. If all else fails, find a new job. –

If you’re really finding it difficult and the job is clearly taking its toll on you, of course you are not obliged to deal with it. I would always recommend finding a new job before leaving your current one, unless you’re like Rachel from ‘Friends’ who needs ‘the fear’ in order to propel herself into something new. But before you leave, really take into consideration the first point of this article: that you’re only there for a short amount of time.

We all deal with bad jobs at one point in our lives. Keep your chin up, you can get through it!


Image: The Odyssey Online/Friends

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