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You don’t need the gym to get fit

Catching trains, stunning jogging routes, and more tips on how to stay healthy around QM

Lying in bed scrolling through memes may be your preferred time-filler, but staying fit and healthy can be prioritised easily. The ‘gym lad’ image is an idealistic standpoint of how to be fit and healthy, and feel physically and mentally good. There are countless ways to get involved in a health revolution. Here are some easy ways to do so.

Walk a bit faster. This example might sound silly, but it really does work. I tried the gym and all I gained was muscle mass. I didn’t lose the baby fat that I wanted to. This method works well because you’re not thinking about exercising; it’s just a by-product of going about your daily life. Commuting into university means fast-paced strides are the norm, with the occasional hundred metre sprint from time to time. The motivation here is to not miss that train so I don’t have to risk missing that lecture or seminar. The weight-loss results are phenomenal. In the last six months, whilst walking and running for trains, I have lost 6-7kg. I feel healthier and more active. I have also noticed an increase in stamina and endurance, which is an added benefit. Next time you have to walk somewhere, try adding some pace to your exercise – you’ll see some long-term benefits.

If you live on campus or near the university (and don’t fancy the idea of fast-paced walking) you can also try this jogging route. Find your way to the intersection of Grove Road and Roman Road; you can either have a stroll or a gentle jog to get the heart rate up. Then go through Mile End Park, up and over the garden bridge overlooking the wonderful Mile End Road, and round to Mile End Stadium. At this point turn around and back-track. The views of Canary Wharf on the way there and the City on the return are impeccable and will distract you from the inevitable cramps you’ll get during the jog.

On campus itself, QMotion provides a range of workout classes, from high-intensity dance to peace and serenity in the Mindfulness class. It’s all on offer, right on your doorstep. They run six days in the week, which means finding an excuse to not participate is harder that you might first expect. Likewise, QMSU’s Get Active campaign offers the opportunity to experience sport within QM but also in the local community. From badminton to breakdancing, you’ll find your calling and for a maximum price of £2.30 – you can’t go wrong.

Finding yourself rejecting the gym but see the weighing machine counting the pounds? Get yourself out of bed and utilise the environment around you. There are tons of outlets that you can use, all provided by QM. Don’t forget where you study, this is London… the possibilities are endless.

Image: Davey Brett

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