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Queen Mary Jiu Jitsu’s National Success

Zak shares insights on this great martial art society at QM

In Jitsu, we learn how to throw people, how to be thrown, how to activate arm-locks and wrist-locks, how to pin people down in a ground fight and how to fight back effectively, and we learn how to get back up again and again because we want to learn more!

Jitsu is a Japanese martial art developed to handle close-combat situations to overcome opponents. It’s also an amazing sport where you encounter good-humoured, dedicated and skilled teachers. They are a massive reason why people are so engaged and committed to the sport and at QM we have some of the best.

In the National ‘Atemi’ Event, a Jitsu competition in which you display your skill and technique in handling opponents under high-pressure situations, our Sensei Ian Bradley won the National Open Championship, and Sensei Alex Macaulay won third place. Club President Elikem Jubey placed 4th for Green Belt category and student Valerie Parthala placed 4th in Purple.

We are also immensely proud of Sensei Ian for being promoted to Second Degree Black Belt Nidan (second highest level in the country) and Sensei Alex for being promoted to Senior Primary Instructor by the Jitsu Foundation last December.

Nine students also passed their grading for belt promotion last December – a 100% pass rate for the club! We had further success at the London Regional Jitsu Social where our committee members won Best Committee Member Awards. We celebrated together in the form of some very well deserved pints… perhaps too many.

We were just as successful at the National ‘Randori’ event in February, a competition comprised of two events: ‘ground-fighting’, where you aim to pin or force your opponent into submission, and ‘standing’, where you aim to throw your opponent. Sensei Alex Macaulay made a triumphant return to the event after years of not competing by winning the National Open Championship, and overall QM placed second in the country with three gold, four silver, and two bronze medals!

Jitsu in London is an incredibly social family and our Social Sec makes sure of that at QM too. We enjoy heading to the pub to relax and chat with everyone after a tough training session, but we also do much more. We organise a variety of things including nights out and martial arts movie nights. You get really close (physically) when training with each other but we also get really close (and less throwy and threatening) outside of training. Our socials are a part of the success of our club as well.

We’ve done so well this year and we’ll only get better at our next grading later this March. Jitsu is great. Not only do you get fit, you also have fun challenging yourself and challenging others, learning some top-rate self-defence and great life lessons along the way. Come and try it out for yourself!

Image: QM Jiu Jitsu

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