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Pokémon Society chooses you!

Bursting with charm, puns and novelty, the Pokémon Society has had a brilliant year so far as a brand new society for the 2016/17 cohort.

We’ve held no less than 20 events across both semesters, with a few more planned before the year ends! As a relatively niche society, we’ve had an incredible amount of love and support, with our first event of the year gathering 50 Pokémon lovers, and have continued our regime with an average of 20-25 students per event across the year. Some may seem surprised – don’t worry, we are too – but as a society we believe that there should be a welcoming and open space for people to gather and enjoy a piece of nostalgia with great company; and judging by our following on social media and the turnout at socials, we aren’t doing too shabby.

Correlating with our welcoming and ‘open-for-all’ attitude, we’ve got every student covered. Our free-to-attend fortnightly socials allow people to gather, bring their 3DS consoles, watch the cartoon together and play some of our Pokémon-themed board games in friendly spirits – a keen favourite being monopoly. These socials are super chill and are often themed with novelty activities, where people have paper crafted Pallet Town and/or have done some therapeutic Pokémon colouring. For the more competitive-minded students, we have many opportunities for you to indulge your inner winner. We’ve hosted art contests, Pokémon 3DS game tournaments and have an upcoming Pokémon Card tournament in the next few weeks.

Our fortnightly socials are only a slice of variety from our “cater”-pie. We’ve hosted several movie and popcorn-eating nights and have been super friendly and collaborative with other student groups. Our friends at Anime Society, Film Society, Games and Video Games Society and even the University of Westminster’s Pokémon Society have all worked with us to increase student sociability. We don’t like to limit ourselves to on-campus events either: We engage with our Pokésoc community through hosting a variety of external events. We’ve eaten dinner together, played a friendly (but competitive) game of laser tag and have made Escape Rooms a popular staple activity in our society.

One of the key things about Pokémon Society is that we don’t limit our socials to members only, but we invite all students to come along and sample our events. To those who have purchased membership to show their support, we always aim to reward your loyalty! These awards have ranged from participating in our loyalty points system that can be cashed in for a prize at the end of the year, prize draws, the ability to win replica Pokémon gym badges in our ‘Gym Leader Challenge’, and being able to attend the ‘Pokémon Symphonics’ video game concert at the bargain price of £17 in December.

Even if you have a busy schedule, we love engaging with Wi-Fi functionality in the Pokémon games and have hosted numerous social media contests on Facebook and Twitter to ensure that nobody misses out on the fun.
In short: there’s something for everybody and regardless of year, course or personality, everyone is welcome in Pokémon Society. Our ethos is to create a strong community through accessible and fun events! So fear not if you aren’t a huge Pokémon fan or if you have only seen the cartoon as a child but have never played the games. We do our best to make sure that there is something for everyone, so it is never too late to join!

Check us out at:
Twitter: @QMULPokesoc

Image: QM Pokémon Society

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