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Fun-draising with QM UNICEF

QM UNICEF makes a difference one fun fundraising event at a time

UNICEF is a globally known charity committed to protecting the lives of children in danger. Raising billions of dollars in revenue annually, the aims of UNICEF include providing education, food, water, healthcare and protection in times of crisis. A significant portion of the fundraising is carried out at the grassroots level, in schools and universities. This is where the QM UNICEF on campus society comes in!

The primary aim of our society is to raise as much money as possible for UNICEF through the means of engaging events. An integral part of the success of any event is the volunteering behind it, and this is what you can do as a member of our society! Planning and executing events with other volunteers is a great way to meet like-minded people as well as hone your teamwork skills. You can even come up with your own ideas for events and organise them!

Over the course of the year, we have organised a diverse range of events from the standard bake sale to a table tennis tournament. We had a screening of the Disney classic The Lion King, as well as a successful Valentine’s day card sale. This year we especially focused on doing collaborative events with other societies including the QM ABACUS and the Baking Society, as well as a social with Amnesty International. We even managed to fit in socials with the UNICEF societies from other London universities.

Another important aim of our society is to help in raising awareness for important global issues. The biggest victims of the atrocities which took place in Aleppo were children, and UNICEF focused a great amount of effort in attempting to protect them. At Queen Mary, members of our society helped the Syria Solidarity Society with the peace vigil for Aleppo, as well as a talk organised to discuss the effects of the conflict.

It’s great to see the participation in our events and the generosity of donations, but they could both be improved if we have more volunteers to help us plan and run events. Join us and make a difference by volunteering, as well as getting great opportunities to sharpen your skillset!

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