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Queens’ Building Foyer and Reception Renovations Begin

Queens’ Building Gets the Royal Treatment

In suit of the library renovations, QMUL has begun refurbishing the Foyer and Reception area in our beloved architectural pride and joy: Queens’ Building.

The construction is being conducted by Cuffe plc and is the responsibility of QMUL Capital Projects (who handle all construction on campus). Construction is expected to end by the middle of March, but while the building is being worked on, the Reception of the Queens’ Building has temporarily been set up at the entrance to the Octagon.

QM Press Office has also informed The Print that “a temporary accessible lift is also being installed at the north end of the East Wing corridor”. QMUL also added that the redecoration isn’t purely housekeeping, and the intent is to reflect the building’s effect on all members of the university: “This is a much needed and welcomed enhancement of one of our primary spaces on campus that will have an immediate and positive impact on all staff, students and visitors at QMUL”.

The Estates and Facilities Team has posted signs apologising for the inconvenience and “asks for our patience while they improve our campus”.

Image: Nayara Fakir

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