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The Electronic Fun You’re Missing Out On

The Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Society, a community of development and creativity

In a world full of opportunities, the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Society will give you the tools to create a better world through technology.

On a weekly basis, we hold workshops in Bancroft building, which are designed to teach AIRS members through hands on learning. The workshop attendees are given sheets which provide them with step-by-step guidance, helpful hints and things to look out for.

The workshop learning is based on Arduino (for those of you who are not in the know, this is a microcontroller-based kit which allows us to build complex robots and a variety of intricate electronics projects).

In our recent workshop series we were working on setting up LEDs that gradually light up as the light from their surrounding environment starts to fade. Building systems like this is a fantastic experience as it provides the opportunity to set up a real electronic circuit based on a schematic diagram, as well as coding skills in Arduino’s IDE – integrated development environment (or, to use simpler words, a tool for users to code and instruct the way in which the Arduino operates). Besides LEDs we play with buzzers and motors too, which inevitably leads to our members having some ‘electronic fun’ during the session.

Besides workshops, AIRS also organizes a range of social and academic events. One of the recent outings was a movie night; we got together on a Friday evening and watched “Doctor Strange” at Genesis. More fun stuff is coming up, including a ‘Social and Showcase’ event and a guest lecture from Dr Kaspar Althoefer, a professor in Robotics and Intelligent Systems and current head of CoRe (King’s College London’s Centre for Robotic Research).

As a community, we constantly support our members by encouraging them and giving them the skill-set to explore the realities of the fast-moving world industry of robotics and artificial intelligence. The reason why AIRS is so good at meeting its members’ expectations is that we give them an endless supply of the one thing that we all need: the enthusiasm to invent! As a group we enjoy helping each other out; when members bring their projects to meet ups we always make sure there is plenty of time to discuss and brainstorm on how to improve their work.

There is also much room for improvement and further development, and we are eager to hear feedback. This year we are very enthusiastic about making AIRS a better society for all our members, and are more than excited about its future prospects. Happy innovating!

Image: QM Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Society

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