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Sport for Thought

How joining a sport society could help you achieve that New Year’s resolution.

New Year’s resolutions can be a chore. In the excitement of welcoming in the New Year you said to yourself (or even worse, said to other people) that you were going to start afresh. But by the second or third day of January, it already seems impossible. Well, if your resolution had anything to do with getting more involved at university, getting fit, joining a society, stepping out of your comfort zone or meeting new people, you can achieve it with sport at Queen Mary.

Not unlike September, there will be another Freshers’ fair in January, which is aimed at spring semester study abroad students. But like any event at Queen Mary, however, it is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about a sport on campus and signing up. Understandably, this is a tricky time of year to add more commitments to your bursting academic calendars, but it is important to remember that all clubs are made up of students, too. Clubs will stop competing in time for exams and training will be minimal in the run-up too. It may also be a helpful stress-reliever to be part of a sport: a welcome break from essays and revision.

A common concern students have about joining a team halfway through the year is about fitting in. It’s natural to assume that friendship groups would have been solidified and you may feel like an outsider. The most positive thing about sport at Queen Mary is that everyone is exceptionally welcoming. Like anything new, joining a sport society will take time to adapt to, but you will not struggle with feeling like the other members are keen for your involvement.

Alternatively, if you don’t feel quite like joining a whole new society, the sessions run at QMotion are also a great way to get involved and get fit. It is worth checking out the QMotion website or the Student Union website to get an idea of what’s on and what you might like. Many sessions are pay-as-you-go meaning that there is no commitment but still the same avenues to meet new people.

New Year’s resolutions are daunting but don’t have to be abandoned. At Queen Mary there are always people around to encourage you to try something new or pursue something you love. Try a new sport this year: it might help make your 2017 worthwhile.

Image: Jean David Eynard

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