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Aiming to Please

President of QM Archers tells all about the exciting sport of archery

Whether on holiday or whilst flicking through videos of Rio 2016, chances are that you’ve probably been exposed to archery at some point. Recently, the adventures of Katniss Everdeen have certainly brought archery closer to the public eye. Whatever level of exposure you’ve had to the sport so far, Queen Mary Archers are here to help anyone wanting to take their next steps into this exciting and varied sport.

We all know the basics: big springy stick and string shoots smaller pointy stick. This is true, but there are a huge number of different bow and shooting styles that anyone can master. The type we teach to our beginners is known as “recurve”. This gets its name from how the tips of the bow curve away from the archer. Some archers shoot this type of bow without any sights, learning instinctively where their shot will go (think Katniss!), while others use Olympic style sights and stabilisers for pinpoint accuracy and the best scores possible. We even have archers who choose to use the traditional wooden bows and arrows, for the authentic historical experience.

While these are all technically different, the principles are the same: good form, patience and bucket loads of concentration. Whatever style calls to you, we guarantee that launching arrows into the air and hitting the target is a great feeling. Archery teaches you to be both independent and a team player; only you can make the shot, but the support from those around you makes the process easier and much more enjoyable.

Our recent successes at competitions from both our ‘Novice’ and ‘Experienced’ archers prove our commitment to getting our members competition-ready. All of our new archers have qualified for the BUCS national fixtures due later this semester and we are incredibly proud of their dedication and success.

Queen Mary Archers pride ourselves on accessibility. Anyone can come along and learn this wonderful sport, and hopefully ignite a lifelong passion. All the equipment needed to get you started is provided, including brand new bows and arrows. Plus, advice on what to buy is always available should you want to take archery further. We train on Tuesdays and Fridays, 9:00am to 12:00pm, in the QM Motion Sports Hall. The first session is free and a year’s membership is only £28. Find us on Facebook by searching QM Archers. Come along and give it a go – you won’t regret it.

From Left to Right: Ola Kneifel, Sruthy Thirunathan, Stephen Inge (Captain), Rushan Vellani (President), Vikash Chady (Field Captain), Khaleel Channa, Juan Miguel Eslava.

Image: QM Archers

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