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What Does Sport Mean To You?

A quest to find out what defines our relationship with sport

Six students. Three years of undergraduate study. Distinctive backgrounds and varying degrees. What does sport mean to them?

Sport has no boundaries, as explained by fresher Frankie Cenci: “Sport to me means freedom, it’s a universal language”. Sport has the power to bridge race, religion and creed, and the simplicity of it can be taken for granted. If you were to go to a country where you couldn’t communicate through language, you could still engage with people through sport, such as a game of football on the beach. Everyone has some connection to sport and in this sense sport overcomes language barriers, and such that Frankie alluded to, is in fact its own language.

We all struggle with self-esteem or motivation issues from time to time and sport can help us. It’s a tool that can aid our development, as second year Arshad Mozumder shares: “Dance has given me such a confidence boost… dance has allowed me to improve myself”. A recreational activity can enable someone to become more extrovert and fearless.

Self-motivation is the hardest emotion to maintain, in my opinion. I need the drive of others to push myself, but as third year Aziz Koç reveals, “sport teaches that you can go get whatever you want as long as you put the time and effort into it”. It is such a simple lesson to learn. So, if you are ever lacking the drive to complete a task, take this advice: play sport, it might just help. Similar to Aziz; second year Joyce Yeung mentions that within sport: “You can never be a failure as everyone has different goals or achievements”. It’s important to remember sport is not all about competition but is more about you.

Passion; a strong word used by both fresher Lucy Durrant and third year Rayna Sidhu in different contexts. Lucy describes that “coming together as a team for not only physical activity but something they are passionate about”, shows the strength and importance of congregation and community spirit. Rayna highlights that sport is “such a huge part of my family and the way we’ve bonded”. Her families joint passion for sport has really brought them together. Although different, both Lucy and Rayna prove that the adrenaline sport brings is vital to create and then preserve networks.

University has brought us altogether, and because of our love of sport we can act as one extraordinary unit. We’re all unique, have our own opinions and own values, but seeing sport unite us is an incredible feat and one that must not be undermined. So after all this, sport… what does it mean to you?

Image: Dominik Szopa/flickr

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  1. Ferdinand Ferdinand 4th August 2017

    Very nice Danial. Keep it up and I’d like to see more articles.

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