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US Election: QM Responds

A few of Queen Mary’s students reveal their reaction to President Elect, Donald Trump

We all know what happened on the 9th November 2016. It was declared that Donald Trump would be the next President of the United States of America. Whether you are okay with that result or not, it happened, it is happening and will continue to happen for the next 4 years. Although Hillary, at the time of writing, is currently 1.7 million votes ahead in the popular vote, Trump won 289 electoral votes making him the 45th president of the United States. Donald Trump’s policies and speeches have been controversial and have made him the cause of a lot of media coverage throughout his campaign, even managing to raise $306 million. As a result people have very strong opinions of him either way, and so we asked Queen Mary students what they thought of the campaign, how they reacted to the result and what they think it will mean going forward.

From a 3rd year American Semester Student:

“Today I woke up and I was a faggot, a nigger, a spic. I was unwanted, hunted, targeted. I was disgusting, vile, a creature, an ‘other’.

Today I woke up to my country’s open declaration that there was no space in it for me or my loved ones. Being abroad during this election has been hard. At times I felt like a coward, running away from a problem that I knew would just be sitting there waiting for me months later.

The funny thing about being in London straight after Brexit is that everyone has an opinion on Trump. Everyone wants to have a conversation, everyone wants to compare, everyone wants to relate. So I sit there with a smile and nod my head.

I never supported Hillary, but I guess I was with her only because the alternative just was not an option. It’s funny because my response to all those who just knew Trump wouldn’t win was always ‘Let’s not forget this is Ameri(kkk)a we’re talking about, the country built on stolen land, with bloodied hands, at the expense of people of colour, women, and just about anyone else who isn’t a straight white man’.

This isn’t the fault of protest voters or people voting third party. This is the white supremacy rearing its ugly head yet again. Except this time, they took a page from our book. They rallied, they stood together, they held each other up, and they won.

Today I woke up unwelcome, but today I remember that I always have been. Today I remember that tomorrow will be no different. Today I remember that I have never lived, always just survived, but Trump and a Republican Congress will not be the end of me. They will not stop me, they will not stop us. We lost a battle yesterday, but we’ll win the war. In four years, we’ll show everyone that’s on the outside laughing at us just how strong we are. Watch out Ameri(kkk)a, this brown faggot is coming for you, and he’s not alone”.

From a 1st Year Pharmaceutical Chemistry Student:

“As a fully legal immigrant who has lived in Britain for the past 15 years, I have had many personal conflicts in beliefs with the ruling government party, whether it be Labour or Conservative. Even with this doubt in the policies of the British government, I have always believed that the people will prevail and that we will always work together in order to have a country that is proud, accepting and righteous. This is why the situation in the US baffles me. With the recently elected Trump, Americans seem to want to promote negative values and hatred. They do not seem to care that worldwide, every person from every nation was screaming ‘NO!’ with regards to Trump. There have been too many arguments as to why he should not have been elected, such as the blatant racism and sexism, and yet he still won over the hearts of many Americans.

The most confusing part of this whole election is why Trump even ran for President. Severely unqualified and unfit to decide on important matters, the likely outcome of this situation in America is terrible. Whilst many people aspired to achieve the ’American dream’ in the past, it will now most likely stay that way. For the people to elect such a person as president, America must have been desperate for change. Unfortunately, this change will probably be for the worst”.

From a 2nd Year French and Linguistics Student:

“After the frustrating and divisive American campaigns, I am left feeling disillusioned with politics and worried about the intensely negative climate the election has left. It seems unbelievable that a man who has been openly racist, misogynistic, and ableist to name a few, will be President of one of the most influential countries in the world. The only positive thing about this election for me, is that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. This means that the majority of Americans don’t agree with Trump’s shameful and hateful rhetoric, and hopefully the world will only have to live through one Trump term”.

Image: Gage Skidmore/flickr

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