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For the Love of Biology, Tea, and Everything in Between

The Biological Science Society is here to offer support to Biosciences students on revision, module choices, friendship, and more

The Queen Mary Biological Sciences Society brings together students across all year groups that study or enjoy Biology (and related subjects). Our main aim is to expand the knowledge of our members on academic and extra-curricular matters, as well as to allow students the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals. It is important to form a core friendship group at university—which can be particularly challenging—and as a society, we intend to make this process just a little easier.

Since being appointed the role of Vice President by the former president and my best friend, it has been great to watch the society develop as a whole. We have held various successful events such as our Freshers Icebreaker meet up, a collaboration with the Genetics Society to visit the Science Museum, and ‘Tea with the Academics’. It is also amazing to see how we have gone from a committee of only three people at the start of the year to a current committee of eight, with one being a First Year Representative. The rest of the committee consisting of third years are able to give advice to individuals on particular modules they will undertake, career options, and work management. I was particularly happy to notice that students at our events were not only from Biology, but from a wide range of related degrees such as Zoology, Medical Genetics, and Biomedical Sciences.

In the remaining part of the semester, we have one of our most exciting events—the Christmas Dinner. We are also planning several events for the next semester: various talks by academics themselves, a trip to Kew Gardens and the London Zoo, as well as the most anticipated Spring Formal (which will be officially announced soon). It may seem far away at the moment, but we will also be holding a session to give advice to first and second-years on choosing elective modules and various revision strategies.

I would like to say a big thank you to: Hana Merchant, our President; Fidan Kulbassova, our Treasurer; Mina Idris, our Secretary; Neil Dizon, our First Year Representative; and lastly to our Publicity and Social Media Officers—Balraj Phull, Lauren Ferguson, and Lauren Handy—for being such an amazing team to work with. If you would like to find out more, please feel
free to have a look and join our Facebook page (QMUL Biological Sciences Society). We can’t wait to see you all soon!

Image – AJC1/flickr

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