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Biggest Society in School of Biological and Chemical Sciences

With guest lectures by the doctor from a BAFTA-winning reality show and the pioneer of IVF himself, it’s no secret how the BioMedics’ Society is now the largest society in SBCS after just four years

The BioMedics’ Society is a multi-award winning society that was established four years ago and is now the largest in the School of Biological and Chemical Sciences.

Our committee comprises students from all year groups, with the majority being second or third year students.

We organise many different events throughout the year open to everyone and not just biomedical students. These range from educational to social to charitable and everything in between. As a society, one of our aims is to incorporate university life and future prospects. We strive to have academic as well as social elements within a unique blend in one society.

Our society places emphasis on current events within the university and enhancing university life whilst simultaneously supporting the future career prospects of students. We are constantly looking at how to improve our society; therefore, we looked at last year’s very successful events and listened to feedback from students. The BioMedics’ society collectively holds workshops during the semesters for every year group to give student advice and aid with any upcoming challenges they might face during term time. We also take part in the buddy mentoring scheme and PASS sessions, both of which are aimed at improving the academic experience of students.

Guest speakers, we believe, play a large role in encouraging students to engage with scientific concepts beyond the curriculum and are therefore very important to us. Previous events that we successfully organised include a lecture by the prolific Dr Dawn Harper from the successful TV show Embarrassing Bodies, and Lord Robert Winston, the pioneer of IVF treatment.

Starting this year’s series of lectures and panel discussion is the Doctors’ Panel Talk where we have invited seven doctors and surgeons from various fields to come in and speak about their careers and their medical specialities. We hope that this will be a wonderful opportunity for students to pose their questions to the some of the most experienced people in their respective fields and benefit from their personal advice. This event will take place on Monday 12th December, 4-6pm in the G.E.Fogg Lecture Theatre, and is open for everyone.

Our society is also involved in charitable causes and knows the important challenges that the local community faces. We hold fundraising events to raise money that will go towards many charities and raise awareness, not only to our members, but among all university students. Earlier this semester, the BioMedics’ Society hosted a MacMillan coffee morning in aid of MacMillan Cancer Support and raised over £100.

We are active on social media to enable students to communicate and stay informed. Students can get in touch with the society in several ways:


Facebook page: QM Biomedics

Twitter: @QMBiomedics

Image: Biomedics Society Committee and Dr. Rachel O’Callaghan with Dr. Dawn Harper

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