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Queen Mary and Islamic Development Bank Working Together to Fund Academia

QM and the IDB have created a new PhD scholarship scheme that will co-fund up to 30 students from up to 57 countries

Queen Mary is pairing up with the Islamic Development Bank (IDB), a financial institution whose purpose is “to foster the economic development and social progress of member countries and Muslim communities.” Following the creation of this partnership, QMUL and the IDB have now set up a PhD scholarship scheme, available to candidates from the 57 countries that are members of the IDB (ranging from Southeast Asian Malaysia to South American Suriname) which will let QMUL co-fund students’ PhD careers for the next five years.

Support for tuition fees, domestic and housing allowances, travel costs and a “dedicated research allowance” for about four years will be a part of this. This project lets people explore the different fields of doctorate degrees ranging from QMUL’s Faculty of Science and Engineering, the School of Biological and Chemical Sciences, the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, the School of Engineering and Materials Science, the School of Mathematical Sciences and the School of Physics and Astronomy. This will also be a part of IDB’s “Merit Scholarship Scheme for High Technology”, which annually lets 10 PhD students practice their degrees at the QMUL Faculty of Science and Engineering.

With Queen Mary being located in Tower Hamlets, an area with a rich and vast Islamic Community, it is clear to see that the project has the potential to be very enriching to the local area. Both QMUL and the IDB have released statements about the PhD partnership scheme:

“We are delighted to be working in partnership with the Islamic Development Bank. We are confident that our new scholars will contribute positively to the lively and interdisciplinary research environment here at QMUL, and enjoy the high-level support offered by our Schools, Institutes and the Doctoral College. The multinational nature of these scholarships will also have a wide-ranging and positive impact on our work internationally”. – QMUL

“This agreement will offer talented researchers from across our member countries a strategic opportunity to build research links, gain new knowledge, and significantly enhance IDB’s efforts to contribute to the human resource development of member countries. We look forward to working with QMUL to produce a pool of high-calibre scholars who will guide human development policies in their home countries upon their graduation”. – IDB

Image: Davey Brett

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