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POLDON is Back on the Social Scene at Queen Mary

After a long break, the Polish Society has returned and stronger than ever

You may not be familiar with the name yet, but you surely know that there was a new pit–stop at the Freshers’ Fair held during the Welcome Week, QMPOLDON. Our catchy new title stands for Queen Mary POLish society in LonDON, but don’t get me wrong: first things first, our doors are open to all nationalities.

With £3 yearly membership we are not only offering a pass to our monthly meetings and conferences but also a great opportunity to create friendships and gain a new sense of belonging. As a matter of fact this society has been reborn after a year of informal socials, due to the commitment of the founding members to give people an insight into our culture and the Polish community living in London. After a lot of brainstorming, we are proud to announce that we are back on our feet with an exciting programme that was introduced to all members and non-members at an open event that took place on Thursday 6th of October 2016.

Trust me, there’s a lot going on. Starting from culture-themed dinners, academic summits and associated meetings with other Polish Societies in London, to exclusive high-fashion hoodies. And believe me, there are way more areas that we cover.

Frustrated with Brexit and its consequences? Need help with your course? Or just somebody to talk to, party and eat good food with? You’d better call QMPOLDON.

Image: Dennis Jarvis

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