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Oxfam Society Tackles Poverty at QM

With topics ranging from gender inequality to water sanitation, this society is dedicated to making a difference to those who need it the most.

So who are we?
Oxfam Society was created in March 2016 by a few students who wanted to ensure that the fight against poverty was brought to Queen Mary. We are aiming for students, one of the most powerful yet overlooked bodies of people, to use their time and voices to aid those who aren’t as fortunate as we are. This is why you’re going to be seeing us across campus, aiming to raise awareness of the many issues that are neglected in modern media, in an attempt to make the world a fairer and more equal place. From the Yemen Civil war to the issues in South Sudan, we want to ensure that Queen Mary students have their voices heard and are adequately informed on the aspects of poverty that are not discussed as frequently as they should be.

What do we have planned?
This year we aim to hold a range of fundraising events to raise money for the causes Oxfam work on, especially their emergency appeals. With the recent Haiti Earthquake, money raised by Oxfam will go towards rehousing the thousands who have been left homeless by Hurricane Matthew. Just £35 is enough to purchase hygiene kits which can stop the spread of infections in temporary camps. Oxfam will also be working on proving long term provisions, so look out for our upcoming Halloween-themed fundraiser to help those who have suffered from this natural disaster.

Thanks to our amazing committee consisting of engineers, geography enthusiasts and others, we have a cracking line up of socials planned as well! Starting with a pub crawl in early October which will end in the student staple that is Mondays Calling (and potentially involving a ‘Spoons breakfast or two as well). We hope that those who get involved with Oxfam feel that they are not only supported by the charity itself but also by the committee.

At the end of the day OxSoc is about you, the students, because when we put our minds together we can really come up with some brilliant ideas to make a difference.

To purchase membership please visit: and follow us on Facebook:

Image: Queen Mary Oxfam Soc

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