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Mile End Library Construction

One QM’s libraries is getting a major renovation

Queen Mary’s Mile End Campus library is currently undergoing major construction work. Mostly contained to the first floor, building work in this section of the library commenced during the summer and is due to finish this month. The hope is this part of the area will be improved with the creation of new study areas and teaching rooms, including a specific study area for post-graduate students. QMUL hopes to create a learning environment that is open and comfortable for all students.

The library has set out aims which it wishes to meet as result of the construction:

– Provide more toilets

– Improve ventilation and air flow

– Improve archives storage conditions

– Provide a new computer room

– Provide an additional post graduate study room

– Provide a flexible learning and teaching space
Students have had mixed feelings about the effects of current construction on their studies.

Aisha and Yasmin, Comparative Literature students, have commented that there have been “No difficulties, only questions about when it will be done.” They enthusiastically look forward to the addition of new study areas: “It’ll be so much better, it’s always packed.”

Ondine, a Biochemistry student, has a different angle: “I’m glad it’s actually happening, but I wish it’d been done over summer. It’s something to look forward to, though, as I’d struggled to find enough seating and studying areas last year during exam time.”

In terms of the new study center for Masters students, Nasiruddin and Shoaib, Chemistry Masters students, while excited for the prospect of a new study area for post-graduates, argue that “We know why the construction’s being done, but it has made the library disruptive; there are no computers anymore. There aren’t many facilities around the campus to study, in general, and they could’ve finished it over summer.”

“We didn’t even know there was construction happening,” Drama and English students, Max and Phoebe said respectively. “It sounds like it could be inconvenient, but we haven’t been bothered by it, and it’s not much of an issue given that it’ll be done by end of October.” Phoebe adds that “The fact that they’re obviously making the university more inclusive in terms of more study areas for everyone, as well as gender neutral bathrooms makes me support the construction, despite it’s disruption.”

You can visit to find out about how the library has been making changes based on student feedback:

“A student competition for innovative ideas to improve the library was held in 2015. The winning entries concerned space availability and work is proceeding to find ways to indicate where spaces are available in the Library. Other good ideas that have been implemented during 2015-16 include whiteboards on tables, hand sanitisers and providing more computers.”

Image: Davey Brett

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