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Commuting With a Twist: QMCS Makes Travelling Fun

A society that tackles the negatives of traveling to and from QM is exactly what you need

For many students, commuting can be tough. Travelling to university every day in a crowded city can be physically draining. Commuters can often feel at such a disadvantage when it comes to getting integrated into university life and finding their own social friend groups, with opportunities to meet new people appearing to be much more limited than for the lucky freshers who get to live in halls.

For those who have watched movies which portray university life, partying and socializing seems to be available at all times of the day, so you can understand the hype that surrounds coming to university. Living off campus, you can feel as though you are missing out on this whole atmosphere. Fortunately for all you commuters at Queen Mary, that’s where Queen Mary Commuters’ Society comes in.

Founded in 2014 by three inspired women, QMCS is here to stay! In its first academic year, QMCS won “Most Improved Society of the Year,” holding events such as a Thorpe Park trip, a Sky Garden trip, Cultural Food Nights and many others. These are all events we, the current committee, will be replicating in this academic year with the addition of new and niche events such as playing Laser Tag, going Go-Karting and attending a Pillow Cinema.

This academic year, QMCS has already made an impact, with three exciting events so far, most recently trampolining where commuters got a chance to take their minds off their studies at Better Extreme in Barking with a session including trampoline basketball, dodgeball and a chance to take on each other on the battle beam! It was fantastic seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones as we continued to build as a society and as a community.

Most of our members commute from all over London (and even outside London), so if you feel like you’re struggling please come join us. From Wood Green to Croydon we have a wide diversity of members, so don’t be shy! The average commute of a student at Queen Mary is 45-60 minutes long, which can really drag so why not make it worth it, stay out, avoid the rush hour and join us for a nice dinner out!

Ourselves, the current President and Vice-President, Alejandro Mantzalos and Alex Birch, have made a promise that this year the society will focus more on celebrating the diversity our society offers as well as exploring London, seeing as not many commuters properly get the chance to. So whether it’s the precision of our Events Officer Aziz Koç, the discount our Treasurer Marri Decano gets you, the perfect photos our Media Officer Selin Batz takes, or the promoting our Publicity Officer Joyce Yeung provides, we are working hard to make sure that commuters make the most of your time at Queen Mary!

If you want to find out more, check out our Facebook group: Queen Mary Commuters’ Society (QMCS) for all things QMCS. We can’t wait to see you all soon!

Image: Queen Mary Commuters’ Society (QMCS) Facebook Page

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