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What is a Christian Union? And Other Important Questions

Events Coordinator, Alan Rowe, gives us the low down on what we can expect from QMCU in Freshers Week.

What is a Christian Union?

Christian Unions exist to give every student the opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel of Jesus. In normal language that means that we love Jesus and we love people, and that love motivates us to want to introduce our God to our friends, course mates and the rest of campus. We meet every week and put on events throughout the year for people on campus to come to!

What’s the best thing about QMCU?

I absolutely love chatting to my mates about Jesus and seeing the transformation that he can make in their lives. Jesus invites us into a relationship with Him and it’s awesome helping mates along that journey. My absolute favourite thing is the incredibly strong relationships I’ve made through the CU. Everyone is so loving and welcoming and are genuinely interested in you as a person. It makes a really great feeling of community.

What events do you have planned for Freshers 2016?

We have got so many exciting things going on during Freshers week. We have events such as a Nando’s meal (cheeky), film night, a lunchbar, an evening of worship, our church search and a picnic. Alongside all of that we’ll also be out and about on campus giving out flyers, chatting to people, and generally meeting others. We’ll also be at the freshers fair (come and find us!!) and will be doing our long lived CU@Drapers, where we’re outside the club giving out free tea, coffee, hot chocolate and biscuits for everyone who wants! Visit for more info!

Which one event would you tell a Fresher not to miss?

 Erm, all of them? That’s a seriously hard question because they’re all going to be amazing! If I had to make a decision I would either say our Nando’s meal or our lunchbar where we’ll be answering bug life questions such as ‘Why am I here?’ and ‘What is my purpose?’ It’ll be a great place to ask your questions, learn more about the Christian faith and, most importantly, eat some food!

When does QMCU meet throughout the year?

We meet every Thursday at 18.30 in St. Benet’s Chapel.

When is your next event after Fresher’s week?

Our next event is on the 13th October and is a lunchbar titled “Blind Faith? Why Believe in an Invisible God?”. Here, we’ll be taking a look at the proof for the existence of a God. Then, in the evening, we will have our first social at the local laser tag venue in Whitechapel (details to be confirmed).

Our events are open to absolutely anyone, regardless of whether you are a member or not, and we also welcome any faith, religion, sex, gender or political alignments!

Image: Queen Mary Christian Union/Facebook

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