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Queen Mary Liberal Democrats

President of QM Lib Dems, Guy Russo, on why students need to be more engaged with politics.

In the Queen Mary Liberal Democrats, we strongly believe that after a turbulent and testing summer of British politics, the voices of progressive, tolerant young people need to be heard more than ever.

This coming year, we will be inviting guest speakers to address students, hosting discussion evenings and even holding open debates, all with one clear aim in mind; to introduce more and more students to the fundamental values that Liberal Democrats hold dear.

In the wake of the referendum in June, it might be understandable for progressive-minded young people to feel overwhelmed and disheartened. Our society believes that it would be dangerous to let that feeling discourage young people from engaging in politics altogether.

As the society’s incoming President this year, I want to personally reach out a welcoming hand to any students who believe that Queen Mary should exist in a Britain which is an open and tolerant country. A country where our economy is fairer and discrimination against anybody based on race, faith, gender identity or sexuality is finally in our past. A country that is proud to be internationalist in nature.

If you share those values, I urge you to join our society! To be clear, joining the Liberal Democrat society does not make you a member of the Liberal Democrats, so if you are curious about our party, joining the society is an easy way of finding out more about what Lib Dems want to change and how we go about achieving change.

If you are a fresher and would like to find out more about the society, come down to our stall at the Welcome Fair where myself or other members of our executive committee will be waiting to give you all the information you need. If you have any questions, please do email them to . In the meantime, I’d like to wish everyone a brilliant Welcome Week and the best of luck for the year ahead.

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