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Harry Potter Society – It’s Siriusly Riddikulus!

Always felt like a witch or wizard stuck in a muggle world? Here’s the chance to unleash the real you!

From a real life ‘Triwizard Tournament’ to potions class (and by ‘potions’, we of course mean alcohol), there’s never a dull moment with the Harry Potter Society!

Naturally, it all starts with the Sorting Ceremony. The four Hogwarts houses are an important aspect of society life and the ceremony let’s you see where your allegiances lie. After you have been sorted, you will be introduced to your Head of House – the committee member responsible for that quarter of the society – and you will also have the opportunity to become a prefect for your house. Prefects, together with the Head of House, are in charge of organising socials within the house. Much like at Hogwarts, we hope your house will help you to build solid friendships at the university (inter-house rivalry is also not discouraged).

But no matter what house you find yourself in, everyone can find something to enjoy with our wide range of activities and socials. Monthly ‘Slug Clubs’ are a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and socialise in a casual setting.

For the more athletically-minded, join us for weekly quidditch practice – it’s a lot harder than it sounds! Yes, running around Mile End Park with a broom in between your legs may seem a little odd but it’s actually a lot of fun and a great way to get active. Or, if you just fancy a bit of a laugh, come and watch one of the committee members being chased around in a golden morphsuit. Either way there is something for everyone at Quidditch!

After three successful years, the society consistently draws in large numbers of people – hardcore nerds and more casual fans alike. We aim to cater to all levels of interest, so no need to be put off by those of us running around in cloaks.

If not exactly “Pottermad”, the Yule Ball (our Christmas party) is a chance to step away from the more Hogwarts-themed events. Open to all, this party is Muggle-friendly and a great chance to let your hair down at the end of the first semester.

If any of this sounds appealing, membership is only £4, so why not jump on the Hogwarts Express this September?

Like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter @QMHPSoc. We await your owl!

Image: QM Harry Potter Society/Facebook

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