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A Fresh Perspective: The Freshers of 2016

Anna Savage and some of Queen Mary’s new students share their thoughts and feelings on starting university

It’s that time of year again. It’s time for a new batch of fresh faced youngsters to descend upon East London, unload an inordinate amount of kitchenware and transform into a ‘Fresher’.

The summer before attending university is quite a unique time. The stress of results day, the anticipation of experiencing university life, the fear of leaving your familiar surroundings, it’s a real hodgepodge of emotions.

My pre-freshers summer was mostly filled with panic. I worried about moving to a city, I feared I hadn’t chosen the right course and I was utterly petrified at the thought of not having enough tea towels. Perhaps that last one wasn’t quite accurate but I’m a third year now so my memory is going.

Despite my questionable recollection skills, that summer will always remain a prominent moment in my life. So how are this year’s freshers feeling about coming to Queen Mary?

Some of QM’s newest students wanted to share their feelings about coming to university:

Valentina Chervenkova  

Valentina is very excited to study abroad and the anticipation was certainly building over the summer:

“The enthusiasm that led me to the decision of studying [at] QMUL is now [much] bigger as the Fresher’s Week is so soon. I am now packing my luggage and the necessities are: positive energy, a bunch of smiles and last, but not least, determination for success and [a] willingness for adventures with my new friends.”

Despite all the excitement, there are a few things causing her to worry:

“What [is causing] some anxiety and nervousness is maybe being in a completely different atmosphere and environment; stepping out of my comfort zone and living with various people.”

Putting her fears to one side, Valentina is looking forward to her future at QM:

“I am prepared for the best three years [of] my life!”

Adeeb Ansari  

Adeeb just completed his bachelor’s degree in Information Technology in his home country of India and is really looking forward to doing his post graduate study at Queen Mary:

“I am excited that I will be joining Queen Mary University of London which is one of the best institutions in [the] UK for research and is also a vibrant cultural university which has students from various [ethnicities] and communities…”

Moving far from home has caused Adeeb to wonder how he will cope on his own:

“As I still have not started the course yet there [are] so many things that I am nervous about like how [will I] do things [on] my own… How will the environment [be], I have heard so many things about London’s unexpected [weather].

Nicole Brownfield  

Nicole is really looking forward to getting stuck into her studies:

“… I am most excited about being able to devote all my time to one subject- English. During A levels, I was aware I could not neglect my other studies. But I am also excited about meeting other people who share my passion for English and making new friends.”

Whilst the prospect of getting to know your fellow freshers can be thrilling, it can also be a little overwhelming:

“I am most nervous about connecting with people and missing out on events and freshers as I will be living at home for first year but I hope to flat share in my second.”

Like a lot of students, Nicole just felt like Queen Mary was the university for her:

“I chose QM because, for me, no other uni came close- it was the only campus I could actually see myself at and I just felt so welcomed by everyone.”

It’s certainly been an emotional and memorable summer for our new students. Let’s hope they go one to make even more memories this Welcome Week.

This year, The Print will be running a column title ‘A Fresh Perspective’. Written by freshers, for freshers, we hope to give new students the chance to discuss the issues that are affecting them. If you would be interested in writing for the Print and getting your voice heard, please email either or

Image: QMSU

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