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Welcome Fair: Something for Everyone

Whether you’re a hungover fresher or a voucher-hunting third year, the Welcome Fair is bound to surprise you.

We’ve all heard it: the best way to meet people at university is by joining a society. But chances are you’ve already pursued your interests before and are finding it hard to balance Freshers’ Week, getting to know your new flatmates, and completing the ultimate London sightseeing bucket list. Either that or you think you’ve already made all the friends you’ll ever need because it’s your second or third year here and that almost makes you feel like an adult.

You’re wrong. You may not know it yet, but the Welcome Fair is designed for people like you. So be open-minded, collect a stack of leaflets and make sure to check out some of the many weird, wacky, and wonderful societies QM has to offer.

Here is just a small selection of what QM has on offer:

Pokémon Society

No one will ever judge you for being a nerd or a gamer. Pokémon Go is here to stay – and this crazy bunch is going all out, with yellow trainers, Pikachu headbands and a competitive attitude to match! Find their stall to discover if you have what it takes to become QMUL’s first ever Pokéathlon winner.

Film Society

You might be in for a shock, but what this friendly group does best is get together, have pizza and watch good movies, be that in small gatherings or cinema outings. And don’t worry, they won’t show you weird 1960s psychological costume dramas (until you’re absolutely ready for your life to be changed, forever).

Harry Potter Society

You’re almost old enough to be a teacher, but remember: help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who deserve it. You can’t miss out on your only chance to learn how to play Quidditch, so do make sure to drop by the first social of the year – the Sorting Ceremony – and try your best not to be placed in Slytherin.

Chess Society

If you’re from the Harry Potter generation, you should know that chess and the wizarding world are inter-linked – so don’t be surprised when these two societies collaborate and meet together for socials! The Chess Society accepts both rookies and geniuses: everyone is invited, although not all compete at competitions. Some of us may never get past the basics but apparently that’s perfectly normal.

Political Societies

Tory, Labour, Lib Dem, Green and many more, you’ll be sure to find your voice in one of QM’s many political and lobbying societies. If campaigning to make a change is your thing, head for the Welcome Fair tomorrow to meet more passionate young people like you who’d like to actively contribute towards shaping the society we live in.

International Societies

You don’t have to be Punjabi to get a great (and I mean really great) henna tattoo or Polish to enjoy pierogis and vodka. Joining a nationality or ethnicity-based society is a great way to learn about different cultures, make international friends, and not feel guilty at all *cough* about eating lots and lots (and lots) of food.

The vast range of societies available to QM students truly is a blessing. No matter what year or course you’re in, take your pick. The reps you’ll meet will go out of their way to befriend and interest you; you’re bound to fit in.

Image: Jean David Eynard

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