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QMUListicles: 10 Embarrassing Moments that Happen to all QM Freshers

10 Embarrassing Moments that Happen to all QM Freshers

These are the things that will undoubtedly happen to you during your first few weeks at QM. But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean your uni social life is over just yet!

  1. Getting lost on campus

Queen Mary’s campus is confusing. With a wealth of perplexing lecture theatres named after dead guys and illogical room placements, even the lecturers get lost so give yourself some slack!

  1. Walking into the wrong lecture

You sit down. You get out your pens and paper. You realise that the lecturer is discussing quantum physics instead of British political history. Wait until the least awkward moment and gracefully stand up and make your exit.

  1. Locking yourself out of your flat

Unused to having to take your keys with you everywhere you go, it is easy to dash out of your flat without the crucial items that will let you back in. This can either be simply resolved by your flatmates kindly opening the door, or it could result in you sleeping in the hallway.

  1. Call someone by the wrong name

You’ve met a lot of new people in a very short space of time. Whilst it may seem embarrassing when the person whose name you’re enthusiastically shouting doesn’t turn round, you’ll soon be forgiven.

  1. Setting of the fire alarm

Whether it’s by innocently drying your hair or indulging in a cheeky cigarette, it’s going to happen. Just make sure this happens at a more sociable hour than 4am to avoid scoring maximum hate points.

  1. Getting seriously injured by the library doors

They’re dangerous. The sooner you learn to treat them with a healthy amount of fear, the better.

  1. Filling your phone with numbers of people that you will never speak to again

You’re in a new city, you currently have no friends, so you ask for the numbers of everyone you meet with a twinge of desperation. Scrolling through your ‘Contacts’ list in a few months will give you some chuckles when you realise that you only spoke to about 2% of these people.

  1. Trying to enter the wrong flat

You try and squeeze your key into the lock. Panic when it doesn’t work. Start pounding on the door. Then, after a horrifying glance at the number on the door, you race upstairs and open the door to your actual flat.

  1. Drunk at Drapers

The location and source of much embarrassment, too much to list here.

  1. Learning not to care

Finally, you realise that everyone has little embarrassing moments here and there. It’s something all students experience and bond over.

Image: Davey Brett

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