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QM Elections: Societies Officer Interview

We sat down with this years Societies Officer candidate, Farhasaad Shahid, to find out her views on the union, the students, the societies, and what she plans to do about it all

 You mentioned that you want to make society involvement more “fun” and “carefree”, how would you want go to about this?

I want to make society involvement more fun by encouraging more collaboration between societies and create different platforms where people can showcase their society’s work.

I will make it more ‘carefree’ by making sure the committees are aware of common mistakes people usually make and enhance societies training opportunities so that everyone knows what to do once they get started. I also want to try and increase space for new societies into the union.

Societies overlap in many parts of the university experience, including welfare and education. How would you go about integrating societies with everyone else’s agenda?

Societies are there to help students engage with other like-minded students. Educational societies should get the support from the SU to hold socials and career events in order to be able to engage with their subject more.

Societies are directly related to welfare as this is something students get to engage with outside their studies, so I think society engagement and different events held for societies should be other officers’ priority as well.

 Do you think the existing union is doing enough to encourage the establishment of new societies, and inspire activity? What would you add to this?

The existing union has been trying to inspire activity, however societies have also been having problems in regard to accessing room bookings and have events they would like to – sometimes because of the lack of communication. As societies officer I want to make sure students can better communicate to the Union through me, also creating space for new societies.

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