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QM Elections Manifesto Roundup: VP Welfare

The Print took a look at the manifestos of all the candidates running to be next years VP Welfare, picked out our favourite policies, asked them each an important question and then got them to send us their top five emojis

Adam Sparkes


Strongest policy: Community

“I want to continue to work with events such as QM International and Merger, to encourage societies to work and collaborate together to create a more integrated community. Community is essential in making students feel at home, to feel comfortable and to allow them to feel part of something, all which greatly improves their welfare”.

It has to be said, there isn’t much of a community among societies and as a result many go unnoticed. To have a greater society community would increase understanding and make events such as the Freshers’ Fair even better. It might also increase general society membership and participation.

Our Question: As there are so many societies, all ranging in interests, how exactly do you plan to involve society groups outside current events such as QM International and Merger?

Adam’s Response: “At QM as you’ve said we’re lucky to have a huge range of diverse student groups. Through talking to those different groups, from cultural to faith, and from social and academic to sport they have all expressed an interest in doing more outreach with other groups. To engage more students and create a more integrated QM community. I want to help them achieve this. Helping provide spaces and creating the platform for them to collaborate. I hope to create social spaces for society committees to meet and enable them to start the process of deeper integration.”

Five favourite emojis? 





Phillip Mugurwa-Gobvu

Strongest Policy: Financial and Career Support Awareness

It’s true that many students are unaware of the financial and career support available, as new options keep becoming available, for example the new Master’s degree loan. Furthermore, as there are so many departments, students are often unsure of where their problem fits, and where to go.

Our Question: There are a lot of schemes already in place for Careers Support, such as the QM Employability Scheme, how do you plan to differ from these?

Phillip’s Response: “Regarding that area of Financial and Career Support awareness, I am more focused on helping students more aware of the kind of measures in place at our university. A good example is the hardship fund of which I was a recipient in my first and second year. Many students are not aware of it and are left financially stretched and stressed.”

Five favourite emojis?



Gemma Meredith


Strongest Policy: Health and Well Being

 “I will overhaul the current sexual health service on campus and create one that offers more services and more drop in appointments in the style of the Brook sexual health clinics across the country.
There is so much more that must be done to tackle mental health. I will fight to appoint a mental health representative in student council and work with groups such as Student Minds to increase awareness and support regarding mental health”

A better sexual health system would be a big bonus to the university as the wait-times at the campus health centre can be a very long time, and the set-up is not very confidential. Furthermore, a mental health representative in student council would mean more could be done regarding the worrying student mental health statistics.

Our Question: Seeing as a mental health representative has already gone unapproved in one student council meeting, how would you plan on changing their minds?

Gemma’s Response: “The motion for a mental health rep was only rejected by one vote and this years’ candidates seem more concerned by mental health than ever, so I honestly think this is incredible doable. The motion was rejected because of the argument that students aren’t qualified enough to make decisions about mental health, but I think that’s unfair and there’s already so many student groups doing amazing work and are obviously incredible knowledgeable around mental health, why not have those people on the council too?”

Five favourite emojis?

gemma top


Voting opens on Monday the 7th of March, and we’ll also be live-blogging the Mile End candidates debate right here from 6pm. Click here to see the manifestos and videos from all candidates running for the position of VP Welfare. 


Images: Ivy Kuo

Featured Image: @WelfareQMSU

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