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Rekindle Your Reading And Set Fire to Your Kindle Fire

How technology could be harming your education and when battery life is killing more than just your tablet

If you’re reading this you’re probably a university student, and to have gotten here you’ve probably had to do your fair share of reading at some point in your educational career. And with 86.3% of the world being literate, we can assume that everyone who is reading is not making too much of a bad job of it.

Yet while more awareness is gathered about comprehension, various learning styles and more resources are introduced, there is something that still takes away from students being able to read ‘effectively’. The elephant in the room that is technology.

In modern-day life, where would we be without a reminder to remind us to check our to-do-list? Or a Facebook update to let you know that it’s Janet from primary school’s birthday and that you should send her your wishes to ‘let her know you’re thinking of her’? I could just summarise this article and give you a clean-cut answer on whether you should be reading from a book or on a tablet. However, you’re not on Sparknotes now, my friend.

The School Library Journal stated that two thirds of schools in America use e-readers, but what does this mean for education? Well, the pull towards paperbacks could be down to more than nostalgia and a yearning for a pre-technological time.

The forms in which you read a given book have a profound impact; a 2013 Norwegian study found that students who read text on-screen ‘had a lower comprehension rate than students reading the same text samples in print.’ So while our communication levels may be increasing, our intellectuality levels and ability to be confident in our own opinions are arguably decreasing.

With Facebook asking you ‘What’s on your mind?’ and Twitter suggesting you should follow that person who all your friends know, maybe paperbacks just provide an escape in a digital world. Maybe it’s down to preference and you just cannot live without your e-reader. Whatever your preference, maybe it would be an idea to experiment and turn over a new leaf. However, maybe, just maybe you could turn off your tablet and leave yourself to your own (non-technological) devices.

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